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Selling on Amazon? 21 Things You Need To Know

There tends to be a lot of stories about success on Amazon FBA but no one likes to share the story of failure. The main cause of failure is shallowness. Many sellers jump in before they even read Amazon guidelines because starting your business on Amazon is a simple...

How To Get Amazon Product Reviews

Almost daily I read in the Amazon FBA Facebook (FB) groups same questions: "How do you get the Amazon product reviews from the beginning?", "Now we are not allowed to send out products for reviews. When you launch a product how do you get initial Amazon reviews?",...

How to Find Profitable Products to Sell on Amazon

Finding profitable products to sell on Amazon is the most overwhelming, the most difficult step of the process and probably the No. 1 thing people getting stuck with. Many new FBA sellers get frustrated with scouring best seller lists, hot selling items, analyzing...


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